03 Time to Hit the Road

First stop out of St Pete had to be the beach right below the Skyway Bridge.

Two Less Keys on the Keyring

After months of selling furniture, packing and shipping our stuff away, researching and getting our rig, we finally had a clean house, happy landlords, and a fully refunded deposit. Handed in the keys and rolled away. What an amazingly freeing feeling.

Little sailboat sliding by

02 Little Changes

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring 
Arrived home with the new rig!

After ten years in Florida, we are headed to the Pacific Northwest! Sold, packed, donated, and shared almost all of our stuff to travel the country in an RV until we reach Washington State. We are not “home-less” but “home-with” for this next phase of our lives, until we settle and find some land where we can build a home to suit our lovely, small, quiet life. #homeiswhereyouparkit

River likes it!

01 Florida Days

Given the choice to “Go Big or Go Home” I’ve always chosen home.

Living in Virginia and flying down to Florida to meet clients and work with the “beach team” never really made sense. We left the crowded, expensive place filled with concrete and construction, and moved down to live among the mangroves on the Gulf Coast.

Seven years on Tillet Bayou that we’ll never forget.

We did move up to St Petersburg for the last three of our Florida years. It was fun and we enjoyed all the amenities of being in town, but also learned that we are really country mice after all.

We paddled a lot in the protected waters of the Gulf bays and bayous around Terra Ceia. I even built several skin-on-frame kayaks and even a garvey-style power skiff with Mercury outboard and bimini top.

Out Tillet Bayou and across Miguel Bay
Through the mangrove tunnel
Pulling up on secret beach!
The first board I cut for the garvey hull
Clamping up the gunnels
Boat building is mostly sanding… but I do love working with the hand plane
Floating in three inches of water out from Miguel Bay
Full power (4 knots)