10 Virginia (Family, flowers & fun!)

One of the best parts of being #homewith is the flexibility. We had planned on a few days in Richmond, but a bomb cyclone, new projects coming in, and another bomb cyclone led to our stay extending three weeks. What a wonderful thing to be able to visit and get work done and make the most of what would otherwise have been frustrating weather delays.

River loves visiting Grandma Janet!
(She also loves sniffing each of Bradley’s flowers)

Much respect to Bradley for all the landscaping work he has done in recent years… and we were just on time to see everything in full Spring bloom. It was beautiful and fragrant and the fruit of a lot of work.

A wonderful addition to the backyard! The burbles bubble up to the screened in porch.

It made us want to add little brooks and waterfalls, to our new home plans as well. Good thing we know a guy!