13. I really wanted this to be post # 15…

Kindra and I were married on May 1st of 2004. This year’s May Day was a very special anniversary for us and a great moment for us to reminisce and count our blessings.

When we were first dating, back in 2001 and 2002, we enjoyed visiting the wineries around Monticello in the Orange Country wine growing region of Virginia. As the population of Northern Va grew it became a longer and longer drive in the newly congested traffic… so we stopped going – but we have many fond memories.

For this year, we wanted to visit and stay over at a Harvest Host winery for all of the benefits of that system but also out of nostalgia for our early dating days. We chose the Kirkwood Winery and Distillery just outside of Summersville, WV.

I was telling the story as I prepared to write this post and unconsciously said “so that is what we did for our honeymoon…” obviously meaning anniversary, but what a sweet slip of the tongue!

Kirkwood was perfect as a quietly romantic place to mark year 15.

They did a great job with the shop. Kirkwood is very photogenic!

Frank and Elizabeth Dix have done a terrific job taking a somewhat neglected historic winery and bringing it back to life. We enjoyed the tour Frank gave and Elizabeth’s wine and whiskey tasting. Good thing we weren’t driving that day! (We bought a case!)

Parked up at Kirkwood behind new buds on the vines facing the valley road.
View from our parking spot across the valley road

Kirkwood is in a beautiful valley and we visited on a perfect day.

We had the valley and the hillside to ourselves. The walk out among the vines was so pretty.