14. Ohio – Unplanned Delight

The trip from Summersville, WV to Syracuse, OH was our first real climbing test, with marked grades of 6% throughout that hilly part of the country. We continued happily traversing this beautiful landscape as we had South and North Carolina (of course, the elevation was never more than 3000′ asl).

Driving 100 miles, stopping to walk the dog or refuel or have a snack, and then driving another 100 miles has turned out to be a relaxed and easy pace.

There were days we covered more than 300 miles, but it is more fun to rove the country using smaller steps.

Parked up at a sweet little campground just over the bridge from West Virginia. We spent the night in the famous Ohio River Valley and no one else was around this particular weeknight.

If you’re driving through Ohio, the Columbus Museum of Art is worth a side trip. Beautiful building and diverse, engaging collection.

We saw some of our favorites, and some surprises, too.

Very nice!

Kindra and I had a nice date going around Columbus. So much has changed since I visited in high school and college!

We particularly enjoyed Upper Cup Coffee on Parsons Ave.