15. Indiana (Hard Fail)

After an unplanned but wonderful visit to?Ohio, we are truly heading West.?

Indiana?is the first State on this trip that we’ve never visited before.?

One of the things we’ve learned to expect is that the amount of fun we are able to have on a ride is directly related to the road conditions. If the roads are nice we can go about anywhere and any distance, but if the roads are bad…

… anyway, Indiana is falling apart. I couldn’t say why West Virginia and Ohio were so nice and just over the border into Indiana was so bad, but it was like passing through a curtain and it never got better. Indianapolis is a fright and I’m just glad we made it through without breaking down. I will never go back to Indiana if I can help it. Hard fail.

We felt lucky to find Summit Lake. Summit Lake State Park has several camping areas and they’re all nice.

Seemed like they just put down new gravel, which was tricky to drive and park on because it was so loose. Off the gravel was boggy and wet. Parking and leveling was a surprising fiddle. Really pretty though.