18. Historic, nostalgic Missouri

Finally crossed the Mississippi river (exciting!) into Missouri and stayed over at the Mark Twain Cave Campground.

Mark Twain was born in Missouri, just a bit West, but lived in Hannibal as a boy. There’s a lot of fun historic sites right near the river, and also this very nice campground.

It is fun to wander around in a new park. There was a guided motorcycle tour group parked near us (very cool), and we got in a little nature hike… Past where the gravel ends…

We took route 36 across Missouri and it was *so* much more fun than rt70. Oh. Man. #getoffthehighway #seeamerica

St. Joseph c.1890

St Joseph Missouri?was where Kindra’s dad was born and lived to the time he entered the Marines and went to Korea.

St. Joes was also the beginning of the?Pony Express?line that ran to?Sacramento, CA. It was a nostalgic, historic stop on Main Street for us. (photo c. 1890)

There are sculptures and historic markers all through Missouri and along Route 36. It was all amazing Americana and made me wish they had taught more about the Pony Express when I was in grade school.