19. Kansas – Not what we were told (so nice!)

All we heard about Kansas was that it was flat, straight, boring and seemed to last forever.

That may be true of Route 70, but if you get off the highway and take Rt 36 then Kansas offers a diversity of small towns and beautiful countryside.

MARYSVILLE, KS ? ?Marysville has always been known as Black Squirrel City. The folklore was that in the early 1900’s a carnival came to town, and the carnival brought two Black Squirrels ? one male and one female, and a small boy let them out and they’ve been here ever since.?

Every small town along Rt36 in Kansas had some fun Americana. None of these small town mainstreets had a chain store or chain restaurant – never mind a big box store. It was wonderful seeing Ma’s Diner and Jack’s Auto Repair and all the historic family businesses. This is what it used to be like everywhere.

Rocky Pond Campground in Belleville, KS is a pretty, clean, well administered park and a great stop if you’re cruising rt36

A pretty afternoon when we pulled up and a lovely sunrise to start our drive to Nebraska