21. Colorado changes

Arriving in Wray, Colorado after driving through Nebraska found us in a suddenly and dramatically different environment.

After threading the needle past tornadoes through Missouri and Kansas and Nebraska, we crossed our second time change (Mountain Time! Exciting!) and arrived safely at the Hitch’n Post in Wray, Colorado.

The Wray Hitch’n Post was a perfect spot to stop and set up for a nice easy ride into Longmont the next day.

The view out the trailer window? Not in Florida anymore!

The Hitch’n Post is a gravel lot, but there is a little patch of trees like a garden space. Power, water, and pets allowed – so nice.

Crossing Colorado from Wray to Longmont was an easy ride although we’ve noticed reduced horsepower in the van over 4000ft above sea level. We pulled into my sister’s neighborhood on a crystal clear day that started a wonderful visit.

A week at her house and two weeks at my parent’s house was another unexpected highpoint of the trip. When we began, the planned route didn’t even touch Colorado!

We did some work-work, some maintenance/repairs on our rig, and eventually dealt with our power problem, but mostly we enjoyed a rare extended visit.

The pictured balloon greeted us on our first morning in CO, just as we stepped out my sister’s front door. Amazing.