23. Finding our Limits

Driving through Nebraska to Wray, CO took us to 3566 feet, and arriving in Longmont was a climb to 4984 feet. In Wray we knew there was a problem, but by Longmont it was clear we couldn’t put off addressing it.

We considered several options to bolster the horsepower the van could deliver, but couldn’t really know our limit before driving it.

The final test for the van was driving up to Estes Park, CO (7522 feet). We did make it up – barely. Some steep grades were 55mph where the max the Astro could drive was 35mph.

Not safe. Had to make some choices

The last hurrah of our time with the Astro Van.

We love going back to Estes Park

Although the ride up did not give us any good news about our tow vehicle, it is 45 minutes of sharp cliffs and beautiful views. The town was busy with tourist traffic, but we know a little back lot to park which was almost empty and allowed us to park up and enjoy the afternoon.

Had a beautiful vegan takeout lunch, too, from Himalayan Curry and Kabob on W. Elkhorn. Thanks #happycow !