24. Solving the Power Problem

After about 3000 successful miles – including up and down 6% grade roads in West Virginia – real mountains were more than we could reasonably expect our friendly neighborhood Chevy Astro to handle.

We considered many upgrades to the van but finally decided that there wasn’t anything wrong with it that replacement wouldn’t fix.

Besides, it seemed sensible to have four-wheel drive for the work we plan to do in WA.

Getting inspections required for sale in Colorado

After shopping a variety of 4×4 trucks, we chose the Toyota Tundra SR5 double cab longbox as the best option for us to tow and road trip comfortably and still use to do work when we get to Washington.

381 horsepower
401 lb-ft torque
Tow capacity 10,200 lbs

Oh. Yeah.

First time hooking up the new truck to our rig!

Our first test ride was to get coffee, of course! (Thanks Red Frog!)