04 Fort Desoto

Fort De Soto park consists of 1,136 acres, hosts 328 species of birds and is a refuge to the loggerhead sea turtle. It has 7 miles of waterfront with several beaches (including a dog beach! rare in Florida) and if you are going to visit the Gulf Coast I couldn’t recommend another destination more highly.

Riverdog laying in the glow of the rig’s exterior blue led lights and looking past our camp grill at a pretty bay sunset.

This was our “shakedown” weekend where we drove out from the house, towed the rig over a bridge, parked up and connected to power and water, and basically tested out all the features and equipment over a long weekend.

From their website:

The park property was first purchased from the federal government in 1938 for $12,500. In 1941 the property was sold back to the federal government for $18,404 to be used as a gunnery and bombing range during World War II. The property was repurchased from the United States in 1948 for $26,500.

The 12-inch mortar battery, located at the fort for which the park was named, was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. Adding to the historical interest at Fort De Soto, two British breech-loading, rapid-fire rifles of 1890 vintage were installed in March 1982. Markers showing the original building locations and a Quartermaster Storehouse Museum add to the park’s historic interest.